Google testing “My World” for launch later this year

10월 18, 2007

Google has been rumored in the past to be dipping its toes into creating a virtual world, but a questionnaire sent out to Arizona State University students raises questions about what, exactly, Google is planning for “My World.”

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The Marriage of Social and Business Applications

10월 27, 2006

“It takes a long time for technologies to understand each other. So how long will it take for social and business applications to embrace each other, much less produce the next generation of applications? It turns out not too much longer, because social and business applications have both been around the block a few times….”

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Art.ficial 078 Achituv & Utterback – Text rain

9월 16, 2006

Art.ficial 078 Achituv & Utterback – Text rain

Originally uploaded by watz.

I’ve been thinking what would be the first thing that I’d record for my flickr message. YES, this is the thing that I’d start my chat with any one who I really like to talk.